Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Insanity: Max 30- CHECK!

I cannot believe that it's almost been two weeks since I finished Insanity:Max30! I absolutely love finishing off a program.  I feel so incredibly accomplished and excited about the changes that that particular program brought both physically and mentally.  Max 30 brought the most changes to my endurance.  I feel myself craving to reach that point where I max out and push my body to new limits. I felt myself getting stronger as I went just a little bit longer beating my max out time every time.  I would also feel the areas where I needed to work harder and improve.  Max 30 was such a fantastic workout that kicked my butt every single day for 60 days.

It's no surprise that I love challenges.  I decided to challenge myself by signing up for a few races all within about 2 of finishing the program.  This meant that I also threw in runs along the way of the last few weeks which definitely kicked my booty.  All in all though, I managed to shave about 30 seconds off of my 5k PR and I'm excited to see what I can do on my 10k in a few days.  Part of me isn't exactly sure if I can still run 6.2 miles but I am sure excited to try and see what I can do.

Another huge change during this program was my nutrition.  I really dialed in every opportunity I could and when I did I never felt leaner and stronger.  About halfway through this program I also managed to jump down another pants size in my favorite brand which is extremely satisfying.  I definitely feel that my love handles are officially gone and they are never coming back! My core is stronger and every now and then I feel and see my baby abs coming in.  I've never felt more comfortable in the changes that have happened and the changes that are yet to come.  The last week of the program I did enjoy being home in Louisiana a little too much (no regrets!) but I'm still proud of my before and after and still completely in love with this journey.

As much as this cardio junkie LOVED this program, she also desperately missed lifting.  My trick has always been finding a balance between everything I love and lifting was something that was neglected over those 60 days.  The first day I popped in p90x back and biceps I was shocked at how quickly I lost what I had built.  I took a humble pill and lowered my weight so I still felt it.  Luckily I managed to get back to my previous reps and weights today but I know I still have work to do and I cannot wait.  

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