Thursday, March 27, 2014

The first step was the hardest

The first step in any challenge in the hardest.  The day I decided to make time for fitness was the day I started facing challenges I could have never imagined.  It all started when I realized how much I hated how what I was feeling inside never matched outside.  In September of 2011 I started on this journey where I began changing my body and without knowing it changing my mind to create a new and more whole part of me.

As a child I had always been active.  I may never have been the smallest girl in the bunch but I've always loved moving my body and playing outside.  When I was younger, I danced competitively for years.  Once I started high school my focus changed to theatre and those hours I used to spend active and a weekend competition or convention was spent soaking up the thrill of being onstage in a new way.  I loved every minute of it and believe I got my endurance from those weekends but throughout all of the lights and the makeup I started not taking care of myself.  I would take joy trips to Sonic with friends and eat even though I wasn't hungry.  I would tell myself that,, "Oh, this won't hurt me.  It's just one order of mozzarella sticks." Before I was moving my body so much that it didn't matter. Moving onstage in a theatrical production was very different than moving as a dancer.  After graduating high school I got a job singing and teaching young children where birthday cake and goldfish were never in short supply.  I'd spend my days running around and chasing them and grabbing a handful or two and thinking, "I'll workout later. This one piece of cake won't hurt me"

It wasn't until I joined a real gym in September of 2011 that I realized how much my body had been missing the active use.  I absolutely loved the feel of sweat coming out of places I'd never imagined and feeling completely exhausted at the end of the day.  My new routine was challenging and forced me to push not only my body but my brain to new limits.  I began going to the gym daily and feeling more refreshed and confident to conquering all of my goals.

In August of 2013 I moved to a new city to start grad school and quickly had to find a new routine that would challenge me.  After hearing recommendations and doing some research online, I turned to Beachbody products.  I started with P90X and honestly have never looked back! Once I finished P90X, I let it sit for a little while before beginning Insanity.  After knowing that I finished both of these products I feel invigorated that I can conquer anything in my path.  It all started with the first step in the challenge.

Making fitness and nutrition a number 1 priority is the best decision I've ever made to live a fuller and more fulfilling life.  Knowing that everyday I'm taking a few minutes to challenge my body has become my favorite part of everyday.  I know that pushing play and moving my body will always be the better decision because of the way it makes me feel.  Fueling my body with whole foods to help this process is another one of my favorite things but I'll save that post for another day ;).

I am now currently on Day 5 of a new Beachbody product called the 21 day fix.  This program is completely different in that it's main focus is on portion control.  I love knowing that everyday I am taking time to help create a better and stronger me.  I've recently also become a Beachbody Coach and I'd love to help encourage you if you need it.  Day by day and step by step you can build a better you! It just takes that first step.

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