Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dear Summer 2015- Where did you go!?

It feels like just yesterday I was packing my life into my car to start my 3 month adventure back home and in less than a week I'll be packing it up again to head back to reality.  My internship was the absolute best thing that ever could have happened to me.  I could gush for days and months about how much I love what I do professionally! While passion for what I do goes hand in hand with my health and fitness, my professional passion certainly runs over my health and fitness passion.

I got a little lost and caught up in everything this summer.  I spent too long on the pity train for how I'm still not at that fictional "supposed to be" place.  I see other peoples transformations and think, "wait, I literally work my ass off and I'm still not there yet." I mentioned before that this summer had a special focus on lifting. I joined a gym where I had access to plenty of machines that I thoroughly enjoyed while I followed a set workout plan from  I tried my first attempt at counting macros and failed miserably.  I definitely believe that my macros counting "learning experience" failed so miserably because I did not really have access to a kitchen.  Also, when your 84 year old grandpa buys ice cream because he was thinking of you, the best option is letting your family and friends love on you.  Letting go of my ridiculous expectations and just enjoying what I'm doing is still something I struggle with.

During my 10 week lifting program I started having aches and pains in places I've never had issues in before.  I felt my knees and ankles start to feel weird.  I started missing my beach body programs that made me sore in all the right places without any discomfort.  I missed Uncle Tony and Autumn taking me through weight routines that challenged me.  I missed Chalene stretching me out with piyo.  I missed Shaun T pushing me to dig deep through body weight exercises.  I love the flexibility of these programs.  I love that while I'm doing these workouts I indulge less because I know I need my fruits and veggies to perform the way I want to.    

During Coach Summit this summer Shaun T released a new program.  It's called Cize and it's all about dancing.  As a girl who spent 11.5 years dancing weekly and 3.5 of those competing I ordered this one the SECOND I could! I've only done the first two routines but it's so incredible and it brings me back to a place I haven't been in such a long time.  My body craves moving like a dancer.  It's the kind of movement that takes me back to my happy place.  It's movement I used to spend countless hours on everyday for years.  It's movement where your mind lets go and your body takes over.  It's the kind of feeling I search for when I run.  I love learning the new routines and then letting my heart take over because it's more than just doing the moves.  As corny as it is, it's a part of your soul shining through.

Weights make me feel strong and powerful.

Running makes dig into my weaknesses and conquer them, thus making me feel invincible.

Insanity makes me feel like a rockstar.

Yoga centers me.

Cize makes my heart happy.

Finding the right mix of all of these things makes me feel like me.  I feel healthy and strong and empowered to pour my heart into my other passions.  Every workout helps me let go of all negative emotions and feed myself with positive endorphins that help power me.  I know what I want and I know what it takes to get there. 

Here's to another eventful fall! I've got a really good feeling about you!

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