Friday, December 4, 2015

I stepped on a scale

For the first time in months I did the dreaded deed- I stepped on a scale. I didn't want to.  I knew the numbers would be awful after my foot injury, thanksgiving, my birthday tailgate, and lots of delicious beer.  I started the 21 day fix extreme again as part of my Year End Resolution (saying see ya 10 pounds!) and knew I had to make sure I was eating in the correct calorie bracket.  I saw the number and gasped and became incredibly discouraged.  But then I also became super motivated.  I didn't feel like that number.  I'm proud of my muscles and I more importantly- I like them.  They help me do so many incredible things.  I can power through a workout that once seemed impossible.  I can jump higher than I ever could before.  Am I perfect? Absolutely not.  Am I still working towards a specific goal? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Weight is just a number.  After 4 days of clean eating and dedication I already feel 100 times better.  I need to get a body fat percentage scale and measure it that way instead.  Don't focus on the number.  Focus on fueling your body with whole nutritious food to dial in that nutrition.  Focus on challenging yourself physically to see the wonderful things your body is capable of.  On day 4 I already feel that definition in my legs coming back.  I already feel my abs poking out through the holiday excess.  I already feel myself becoming stronger in my workouts.  The rest of 2015 is mine for the taking and I'm ridiculously excited!

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