Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We all have them.  Today mine wanted to be, "I have a never ending to do list and I slept so horribly last night I don't think I've got a run in me. I really don't know where the energy is going to come from."  Then I looked outside and a brand new thought of, " I can't waste this amazing weather" took over and before I knew it I was lacing up my running shoes with a brand new playlist to go and see what happens.  Once that playlist got started and I let my body take over instead of letting my thoughts dictate my actions I nailed those 2 miles.  My excuses seemed preposterous as I powered through and had a few moments where I felt invincible.  After I knocked out that Pilates Fix from the 21 day fix without any trouble.  Thank you post workout high :)

Working out has become my stress reliever and the best way to calm and center my thoughts that tend to run at 250 miles per hour.  It's my time where when I put my mind over matter and just give it everything I have for that time period I know I'll feel accomplished and able to conquer any other challenge of the day.  My fellow grad students tend to give me a hard time about it but I don't mind.  I know that I feel stronger and more motivated in all aspects of my life if I have my me time.

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