Monday, August 18, 2014

And we'll run for our lives

The past few weeks were weeks where I was crazy busy and running around all the time.  Between finishing out the summer semester, a bachelorette party, and visiting family and friends back home all while planning other exciting events takes it's tole on your sanity.  I know I wouldn't trade the crazy days for anything.  Looking back on the past few weeks and I still can't believe everything I managed to squeeze into such a short time period. A few years ago the only thing to keep me sane might have been food but this go round my different workouts and routines were the grounding point and as long as I scheduled that time with myself I knew it would be ok.

The past few weeks I've had some amazing runs.  I never amped them up as much as I have in the past but simply took it one minute at a time and told myself to just keep pushing until I reached a certain point.  I discovered a cure for beating the treadmill boredom through HIIT workouts.  Focusing on smaller time frames helps to keep me entertained for longer periods of time and it also helped me conquer my goal of running around the entire lake back home.  It's 3.4 miles and I used to walk it a few times a week.  Before this run I was stuck around 2.7 and I'm not sure if it was due to time constraints or physical limitations but finally crossing that point feels amazing.  I took it at a moderate pace and I can't wait to try out a longer run again on my next run day.

Here's to rocking a new week full of new possibilities!

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