Friday, August 1, 2014

3 Day Refresh Results!

Officially dropped 4.8 pounds and roughly 5 inches! Anndddd the longest three days of my life without coffee are officially over!

After completing it I have to say that there were only 2 bad things.  
1- The Fiber Sweep every morning was a little hard to choke down.  I got more used to it by day 3 but the texture was unpleasant.  The taste got better but I just couldn't get over the texture.  
2- The caffeine withdrawals were incredibly difficult.  As someone who normally starts her day with 2 cups of coffee, I knew going in that 1 cup of green tea wouldn't do the trick.  I am so proud of the way I pushed through and didn't let it get the best of me!

I know I've been super excited to get back to my normal eating habits.  I'm already not as hungry as I used to be and as I was eating my lunch today I was full a lot sooner than I usually am.  I'm super excited to see how this changes my eating habits.  Despite the lack of caffeine, I felt incredibly energized every morning and I slept better than I usually do.  I definitely think that this will help me cut back to one cup of coffee a day which will hopefully make caffeine intake more efficient.  

Here are the two meals I ate for dinner.  I had the spinach salad (top) twice and the cucumber and tomato salad (bottom) once.  I will definitely be making both again! They were absolutely delicious! I could not believe how full I felt in between meals.  

I feel very satisfied with my results as this program helped me finally crush a plateau that I have been facing for quite awhile.  I just couldn't drop below a particular number and now that I'm finally below it, I hope I can just keep it going down until I reach my goal! :)

Have a fantastic weekend!


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