Friday, September 19, 2014

I always said I'd end up a teacher

A few years ago I taught developmental classes to children ages 6 months to 5 years.  This fit in perfectly since I was an education major at the time.  I used to have to lesson plan and come up with clever transitions between activities.  I loved seeing their faces light up as they discovered a new concept or connected a new idea.  I would leave almost every day feeling a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

This morning I taught my first Spin class. Needless to say, I was nervous and anxious and excited all at once! I couldn't wait to see how my ideas turned out and whether or not it would be a tough class.  My goal was to design something doable but challenging that could get even the more advanced spinners sweating.  My first class this morning was small and mighty as we powered through two hills that I know I'm proud of.  I felt a part of me come alive as I talked them through this routine I had orchestrated in my head.  I loved being able to look up and see them sweating just as much as I was.  Some of my songs weren't perfect and my explanations aren't second nature (yet) but each and every spinner said it was a great class.  I loved being able to share my passion for fitness with this enthusiastic group!  I still haven't come up with my catch phrase yet, but I know it's out there.  I want each of my spinners to leave my class feeling accomplished and that they were able to reach just a little bit further and learn how strong they really are.

I'm still amazed every day at the new things I am able to do.  Throughout this journey I've found a new strength within myself where I feel unbelievably able to conquer anything that crosses my path.  I love being able to create new Spin routines that are full of new possibilities and ways to sweat!

Tomorrow I finish PiYo officially and I can't wait to take my measurements.  I definitely feel leaner throughout this program and my clothes have started to fit significantly better.  I'm hesitant to step on the scale because I know the way I feel is so much more satisfying than any number.  I love that this process has stopped being about the numbers on the scale because I've reached a point where I know I am the healthiest I have ever been and as long as I keep doing what I'm doing I know I'll get where I want to be.  I've been reflecting a lot about body image and I definitely feel a blog post coming one day as soon as I completely organize my thoughts.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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