Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"She's on some crazy fad diet."

"She feels awful all of the time." "She can't have X, Y, and Z and she's miserable."

As much as I believe that everyone needs to find whatever works for them when it comes to health and fitness, those are words that literally make me want to jump up and scream.  I feel like I could jump on a soapbox and never get down.  I promise I'll keep this as calm as possible. :)

My dad is my number 1 fan in all that I do.  Naturally whenever I started on my lifestyle change he's supported me 100% along the way.  He even changed his own eating habits and bought one of the Beachbody programs once he saw how well it was working for me. (He's almost as excited as I am about the new P90 program for those who are looking for a way to ease into exercise.)  A few nights ago he started telling me about one of our family friends who just started a new "fad diet".  He started telling me about how she's miserable and she literally cut out food groups from her diet.  Before I could even say a word he told me how he started "bragging" on what I've done and telling her how important moderation and balance is in everything that you do.  He told her all about eating real food and how small changes make all the difference.  He told her about the significant difference he feels whenever he eats right and moves his body.  Hearing my dad talk about his health and fitness in such a positive light makes me feel like the proudest daughter in the world.

I feel incredibly empowered to help when she thinks she has to feel miserable before she can feel better.    I know you can't help someone who doesn't want it though.  Exercise and nutrition are supposed to be something that makes you feel whole and shouldn't be something you struggle with or make you feel awful.  If I can help relay this simple message to one person at a I know I will feel accomplished.

Today I went shopping and bought my first pair of jeans in my goal size.  I know I still have more I want to accomplish but I've never had so much fun trying on clothes before! These clothes fit and some size small dresses were even too big.  I NEVER thought I'd have that problem.  I am unbelievable thankful that I started my journey a little over a year ago and I can't wait to see where else it takes me!

Show me your strength!


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