Saturday, September 6, 2014

See that challenge? Time to conquer it!

There are a few things I truly struggle with and consider to be my weaknesses.  One of those things is ironically named a rest day.  I'm addicted to the post-workout high where you've exerted every ounce of energy you have but feel so incredible that you can't wait to do it again.  I also know that after whatever I've just accomplished I tend to make better and healthier decisions in the kitchen.  Rest days a few months ago seemed ridiculous and unnecessary.  I get so excited about my hour of "me" time where I get in a good sweat that I overlook how desperately my body needs to recover from everything else that I've put it through throughout the week.  I don't like doing things half heartedly no matter what is it and somehow a few months ago I viewed rest days as doing it half heartedly.

When I first started taking rest days I felt that I was cheating on my new lifestyle.  I thought that I had to workout every single day in order to get any kind of result and that one day off would immediately reverse all of my hard work.  The more I've learned and grown throughout this journey I've learned that is completely the opposite.  By giving my body time to recuperate and rejuvenate I allow my muscles to rest so that they are able to perform the way I want them to.  I feel stronger after a rest day not only physically but mentally as well.

My challenge throughout PiYo has been allowing myself to truly have a rest day.  With 2 weeks left I finally feel that I have the ability to enjoy my rest day because I've earned it.  I've also learned that my rest days help me push harder throughout the other 6 days of the week.  I saw my challenge and I'm conquering it.  Turning my weaknesses into strengths is one of my favorite parts of this lifestyle change.

So rest days- I've conquered you and I'm going to rest the heck out of you! My next weakness is running further than I've ever thought possible.  Slowly but surely I know that in time that will become one of my strengths as well.

Here's to being consistent and reaching your goals one step at a time!

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