Monday, January 19, 2015

Half Crazy= Check!

Alright it's a beautiful day and I'm loving this let's rock!

Wow already mile 2! feeling goo... uh oh I have to pee

Whew so much better! I shouldn't check my time... but ahh best 5k ever! Let's stay strong!

Woah how did I forgot we get to run around LSU!?! This is awesome!

Oh hello Tiger Stadium you look just as beautiful as ever! I should probably stop and take a selfie... wait I don't like selfies and I don't want to stop!

Alright mile 6 this still feels good! Let's keep rocking!

Today really is beautiful.  I couldn't imagine anything else I'd rather be doing

Woah you're really rocking this Emily! I should probably check my time to see how... Ah one more hour until your goal time and 5 miles to go! You've rocked that out in less than an hour before.  Here we geauxxx!

Alright back in the groove not so bad.. wait this is awful what was i thinking...

Wait where's my happy breathing...Ok distract yourself... (hears crash from behind)... oh goodness someone fell! I hope she's ok... she's got people helping her she's good....

This is miserable.  Why did I think I like running again? Some motivation... anything....

Ugh I have to pee again

If I turn down that street my parents' house isn't that far... ow ow ow charley horse!!

I don't think this mile could get any worse.  Wait! A bathroom! 

So much better! Alright 3 miles! That's an easy short day! You can totally rock this out! Think of the brunch....

This still isn't over... There's more... I am never doing this again....

ow ow ow charley horse ow ow ow STOP you are not ruining this last mile!

Where did these hills come from... You've got to be kidding me...

I don't think that finish line is real... 

geaux geaux geaux geaux- oh yeah... this is why I love it... when's the next one?

There are so many things that they don't tell you about running a half marathon.  There are so many things that you can't describe until you've experienced them first hand.  I learned more about myself and life during this 13.1 mile trek than I think I've ever learned before in that same time span.  The last 4 miles were the 4 hardest miles I've ever done.  I felt as though everything was piling up against me and I lost my motivation.  As the girl with endless motivation to conquer her crazy goals (I've got a really big 5 year one I can't wait to dive into), being on the course without any motivation for 10 minutes was 10 of the hardest minutes of my life.  I had to really dig deep to find it and bust out the last few miles.

I'm doing my best to focus on the positives of this race.  I ran my fastest 5k and 10k and set new PRs for both!  I probably got overly excited at the beginning and should have slowed down so I had more gas in my tank.  As still a relatively new runner setting the goal to run a half marathon and finishing it is an accomplishment and I can say I did that.  My stubborn and ambitious side fought as hard as she could and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

I absolutely loved the sense of community before, during, and after the race.  As you go along the course I loved seeing the random strangers cheering you on.  No one judges you and everyone is helping give you just a little extra push to help you make it through.  I made quite a few running friends who didn't know we were racing as we went.  We played leap frog throughout the race and I loved feeling as if I wasn't alone

My family eagerly waited for me at the finish line.  I never would have asked them to but knowing they were there (with a results and recovery/protein shake in hand) really helped me push through. I think my dad was more nervous than I was and he was more excited right after I finished (I still couldn't feel anything),

My stomach was a whole hot mess during this entire experience.  All week I had been extra careful about carb loading and tapering my miles.  Next time, I will approach this differently.  I will maintain my regular eating habits and longer runs throughout the week to help maintain my groove.  I felt off almost the entire race and I think that's because of excess fluff that the carbs brought with them.  I also was thrown quite a surprise when my pre-race breakfast was changed at the last minute.  During the race, I also got overly excited about the water/powerade hand outs every mile and a half.  During my training runs I definitely didn't drink that much as I went and it made a huge difference.  My stomach always felt calm while I trained and I want as close to that feeling as possible next time.

All throughout the day I've been plotting my next half marathon training schedule as I foam roll and massage my sore areas.  I know what I want to include and I know what I should avoid.  I know I can find the best training plan that works for me.

Even with all the mistakes and rough patches along the way, I am so excited to cross half marathon off my bucket list and move onto my next challenge!

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