Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just one little Reese's won't hurt...

I actually played with that conversation in my head early yesterday afternoon.  I had just finished my lunch and I was making some copies in the copy room.  The copy room at my work study job ALWAYS has a candy bar.  Some days I grab a peppermint (especially if I feel like I have coffee breath) but most days my will power is strong enough not to give into temptation.  Yesterday there was a Reese's heart in honor of Valentine's Day.  I felt extremely tempted but after waking up at 6 AM to fit in my Friday fight, I decided to push myself and see what would happen if I say no.  Shaun T always talks about how his workouts are a fight between your mind and your body.  In the first month of Insanity:Max 30 I've been pushing through to see which one will win.  Sometimes it's my body but usually it's my mind saying "no keep going for 5 more seconds.  Just one more rep." I feel more powerful than ever. Month 1 has flown by and I can't wait to see the changes in Month 2!

Yesterday afternoon after deciding NOT to have the Reese's I was dying for an afternoon run.  Despite the fact that it was 23 degrees I bundled up and hit one of my favorite routes and decided to do a quick 2 miles.  When I said quick,  I didn't know how quick it would actually be.

Considering I usually average a 10-11 minute mile (12 when I'm running long), I reached the end of the route and was completely blown away by what had just happened.  I tuned the rest of the world out, turned some Maroon 5 up, and just got into the zone.  It felt liberating and so refreshing to get into this run even though my fingers were freezing.  Amazing things happen when you fuel your body with real food.

This past month I've really been dialing in on my nutrition.  I've been trying to fuel my body with real, whole foods (my favorite really) in order to see what else I can accomplish.  After eating as clean as possible (only cheats being Quest bars when I'm trying to get in more protein) I'm blown away by how my body was able to move at this pace relatively easily.  I've been reading SuperLife by Darin Olien: The Five Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome.  I was looking for a book that would give me more insight on how our incredible bodies work and this book was just the ticket.  Amazing things happen when we fuel our bodies with real, unprocessed food.  While I may have missed out on the few moments of bliss the Reese's would have brought, I know I've gained so much more.  I'm so glad I resisted a moment of instant gratification, but more on that later. :)  

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