Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A different kind of therapy

Back in October I had a nasty foot injury that caused me to have to postpone my second half marathon.  After being extra careful and using a walking boot for 2 weeks I boosted my mileage back up to a 5k to run the Turkey Trot with my brothers on Thanksgiving.  That 5k was some of the hardest miles I've ever done since I wasn't really back into the running groove.  That next Sunday I went for a sprint on the treadmill and had another shooting pain in my foot.  I knew it was time to see a Physical Therapist.  I had my evaluation right before the Christmas Holidays and started going to PT 3 times a week once I got back to Knoxville.

Going to physical therapy was one of the smartest things I've ever done.  My PT had me start at the beginning and we worked on exercises to strengthen my foot and ankle as well as analyze my stride and clean it up.  I've been rocking balance exercises and plyometric moves to get back to running better than ever before.  I started off walking 3 minutes then running for 1 4 times.  After I did that a few times I switched to 2 minutes walking and 2 minutes running 4 times and then 2 minutes walking and 3 minutes running 5 times.  I just finished the rotation of 1 minute walking and 3 minutes running 4 times.  These have all been on the treadmill but I've been officially cleared to run on the pavement tomorrow with 1 minute walking and 2 minutes running 6 times and I am beyond excited to throw in some gangsta rap into my headphones and hit the ground running.

This entire experience has given me a new perspective on my running.  I think a huge part of it has been committing 200% to the Masters Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan (I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen and a post on that is definitely coming).  Fueling my body with whole real foods gives me more energy than I ever thought possible.  I love never feeling overly full but just satisfied.  I rarely have cravings and I love how this eating plan has become a lifestyle.  It doesn't feel like a diet and I'm never deprived.

This is one of those programs that has changed my outlook on life.  I love the endurance, the weight training, the flexibility, and then agility that have helped make me stronger than I ever thought possible.  Knowing that the work I'm putting in the kitchen is making a difference just makes me fall in love with falling in love with the process even more.

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