Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Your friends were talking about you"

Those were not the words I expected to hear coming from my supervisor.  I laughed knowing that my program pretty much doesn't let you have any secrets but still took the bait and replied, "Oh goodness about what?"  "Oh just about how you workout all the time and eat super healthy."  "Yeah I mean I don't workout all the time but they tend to call me crazy." "And that's a good thing.  I think they're a little jealous."

I'm still a little taken back every time I hear those kinds of statements.  Every time I take out my container of carrots or schedule social events around whatever program I'm on, my classmates tend to sigh and call me crazy.    They've gotten pretty good about not even offering me a cookie or brownie because they know I won't eat it and I'm pretty skilled at saying no.

If you would have asked me if the girl I was a year ago would pass up on any kind of sweets (especially ice cream) I would have called you crazy.  I would have thought that you were insane and the reason she works out as much as she does is so that she can eat whatever she wants.  Funny thing is, once I stopped eating the sweets and having my set exercise routine I stopped craving sweets and started craving my workouts instead.  The addition of Shakeology a few months ago gives me that chocolate kick I tend to lack everyday while providing my body with an unbelievable amount of nutrients.  Don't get me wrong, occasionally I will splurge for something sweet but every since I stopped eating those things my body pays me for eating them the next day.  It's a constant battle if I want to feel less than my best the next day to enjoy a few minutes of something delectably decadent.  The same goes for anything fried.  The feeling where I feel like the best possible me is definitely worth passing up brownies or cookies for when they want to tempt me.  Shakeology also throws in an extra energy punch that I wouldn't trade for the world.  In high school someone once said I had energy radiating from my head and that I might explode.  Funny thing is that since I started exercising the way I do and eating the way I do I found I had even more energy than back then.

I'm so thankful everyday that I've made the lifestyle change I did.  I feel stronger and better everyday.  I know that I may not be at my goals yet, but the little things I do everyday will eventually pay off and I won't be sad about it.

This marks the halfway point of week 2 in month 2 of P90x3.  I've sore and loving every second of it through the past week and a half.  The soreness has a funny way of making me want it even more.  I can't wait to see what else is in store!

Here's to rocking the rest of your week!

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