Saturday, July 26, 2014

P90x3- Check!

Nothing is quite as satisfying as finishing a beach body program.  Seeing big checks next to each workout each and every day helps remind me of how far I've come since I started.  When I first finished P90X I never took an after picture because I wasn't satisfied and knew I wasn't done.  It was after that program I felt my drive to be the best version of me come through the cracks.  It became a lifestyle and honestly while there's a "goal/ideal" weight I hope to get to one day, the journey is such a rewarding part of the process.  Before Insanity I definitely took my picture.  The results were shocking and exhilarating! While taking a "selfie" isn't necessarily something I enjoy doing, being able to really see the difference as the months pass help me to know that this process is working, even if it's slower than I'd like at times.

Towards the end of this journey I went through a bit of a rough patch.  I began not sleeping which meant even when I was eating correctly it didn't matter.  True health really does involve the whole body; mind and sleep included! I'm back on track now and sleep and I couldn't be closer.  Each of these pictures I take help me remember to take the baby steps everyday to one day reach my goal.

Finishing x3 has given me such a sense of accomplishment.  I really feel stronger in my arms (some muscles even popped out that I never thought I had!) as well as my core and legs.   Another one of my selfish goals is to have my thighs match my calves.  Being a dancer for 11.5 years gave me rocking calves but somewhere along the lines my thighs got lost.  It's not about them looking like toothpicks, but one day I want them to look as strong and impressive as my calves.  Accepting my body and having the patience to trust the process is wisdom I gained after looking at my picture.  While the scale didn't move as much as I would like, I know I felt and feel the changes everyday.  I love the good quality food I'm putting into my body and I love how I feel when I feed myself with those things.  Of course as per my tradition, I did finish this program with a fancy steak and a double chocolate chip cookie from whole foods- but I already accepted I'm human right?

I really love seeing all of those checks knowing each day was a day where I pushed through! Bring honest about whether I followed the diet was tough at times but I know I only got better over time.

I start PiYo on Monday and I am so excited to see the challenges of a new program!  

I also have had a few of those clarifying runs over the past week that I'll have to share more on later.

Here's to bringing it and showing your strength!


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