Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They never said it would be easy

This past Saturday I went hiking with some of my friends on the Rainbow Falls Trail in the Smokies. On the way back from the 5.7 mile roundtrip hike, I somehow managed to twist my ankle.  Now, that's something I've done a million times before but this time was different.  I'm a somewhat clumsy person by nature and as a former dancer I had landed funny on my ankle many times before.  This time I landed on it and immediate paranoia set in.  I have some pretty significant goals that I'm trying to accomplish by the end of P90x3 and I thought oh my goodness what if I completely derailed the entire program and everything I've been working for.  I bought a brace simply as a precaution to warn me not to overdo it.   Wearing it while I over simplify and modify this weeks routines has been quite a challenge.  I miss the jumping around and feeling my heart beat out of my chest rush that usually comes after some of the cardio based workouts.  I'm not a fan of missing out on my runs and spin classes but I know my ankle needs to heal and taking it easy has been extremely difficult.  Slowing down has never been my strong suit.  I've always had more energy than anyone knows what to do with.

Some of my friends have been giving me a hard time the past few days.  They tell me to not move it at all and stay stationary.  I know they have my best intentions in mind but with my personality telling me to slow down is a way of telling me not to be who I am.  I know my limits and when I'm over doing it.  I know that taking a complete break from everything and not trying at all would in turn make me feel less like myself than I already do.  I know my ankle will completely heal and this is a temporary bout of paranoia where I'm overly cautious that this injury is worse than it really is.  While I am sticking to my eating plan and doing modified workouts, I am curious to see what the results will be.  I know as long as I remain consistent I will reach my goals no matter how long it takes.

Here's to staying strong even when you want to give up!

Here's to anyone reading this who needs a little extra push to get through your week.

Have a rocking rest of your week!


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